Saturday, July 14, 2012

Owen and Mzee

If you are looking for a book to teach friendship at the beginning of the year look no further!  Owen and Mzee is the perfect book!   It is the true story of an amazing animal friendship.  In this story an orphaned hippo and a 130-year-old giant tortoise become the best of friends.

I enjoy using this book because it is a nonfiction book.  The students love the pictures!  It is a long book for early kindergarten.  So, I would always tell the story in my own words using the pictures.  Later in the year when their attention span is longer I would read the entire book. 

 After reading the story I would put the students into groups of twos to complete a project.  The students would work together to color the following sheet.  Before releasing for the project we would talk about what it looks like and sounds like to be a good friend.  While the students were working I would rotate around.  Once the students were complete we would hang them in the classroom.

This is a great story of friendship!  Kids love animals so it is a great way to begin teaching friendship and cooperation in the classroom.  Enjoy!


  1. I love this book! I always pull it out when we're having trouble being friends. There is also another version of this story that is much more kinder friendly but I can't remember the name!


  2. I love the book! It is so nice to have a wonderful nonfiction book to share with kinders. Thanks for sharing your cute graphics.


  3. Thanks for introducing this book. I'll have to find it this summer. Renee

  4. Such a cute book. I love the friendship project idea. Great for back to school!

    First Grade Garden

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