Saturday, March 30, 2013

Summer Writing Packet

Today I am posting my final writing packet.  This year I have created fall, winter and spring writing packets.  My final writing packet is….. you guessed it……. a summer writing packet.  I created it to use in the classroom at the end of the year.  Included are writing prompts about camping, fishing, picnics, the beach, a water park and even all about the kindergarten year.   

In this packet you will find three formats to use in your classroom.  First I created sentence starter posters.  The students write the sentence starter and then fill the words in from the pictures.  At the end of the year I would suggest having the students then continue to write on the same topic. 

The second set includes sentence starters with pictures.  For this set you can post the sentence starters and topic pictures with words in pocket charts to display in your writing station.  With this option your students can remove the topic cards in order to copy. 
Third, I included sentence starters with topic pictures only.  For this set I have printed the sentence starters on the writing paper.  The topic pictures do not include words.  The students can use the pictures to help them think of ideas for their writing. 
Last, I included three end of the year sentence starters.  These pages include sentence starters for the students to write about their kindergarten year. 
If you would like to check out my newest writing packet simply click on the picture below to visit my TPT store! 

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