Friday, March 1, 2013

Sight Word Bunny Hop

It is time for a spring freebie!  Even with all the snow we have here in Nebraska all I keep thinking is spring is near!  So to keep me feeling warm I created this sight word bunny hop freebie! 

This is a fun and active game that would be great for a station, small group or even as a fun classroom activity to do together in pairs.  You can use it is so many ways.  It will get the kids up and moving while working on sight words at the same time!  The packet includes forty sight words!  Have fun with the sight word bunny hop!!



  1. Ok...these have to be the cutest thing out there.
    I printed them and then added just a bit of watercolor to feet and ears and noses...
    Laminated them and yesterday we played "find the bunny a match in the room"..
    The children LOVED it..
    AND now my room is filled with the cutest bunnies on the planet!!
    Thanks for all you do to make a teachers life easier!!

  2. I am so glad to hear that you like this freebie! I love how you added to them. :) You made my day!