Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Crayon Box That Talked Packet

I love the book The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane DeRolf because it can be used to teach so many things.  The book has rhyming words, color words, and is a great for story sequencing.  You can also teach about working together and friendship. 

This is a FREE 20 slide download!  I created rhyming cards, story sequencing cards, an independent sequencing page and a color activity.  I also made a page for the students to use their own crayons to create a picture. 

Rhyming Cards

Student Coloring Page

Sequencing Cards

Independent Sequencing Page

Color Activity

I hope you enjoy this packet!

I used Scrappindoodle clip art for the freebie.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cookie's Week Packet

I created this packet to go along with the book Cookie’s Week.  This is a great book to teach the days of the week and much more!!  I have included several different activities to use with this book in the classroom. 

I would use this as a big book in my classroom and read it every day for the first month of school as part of my calendar time.  These activities can be used along with the book all throughout that time.  I have created vocabulary cards, a My Cookie’s Week Book, an extension activity, a Cookie description writing take home sheet, and story sequencing activities. 

Vocabulary Cards


My Cookie's Week Book

Cookie Descriptive Writing

Story Seqencing Activity

For this packet I used kpmdoodle clipart.  You can purchase this Cookie’s Week Packet in my TPT store! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Transportation Graph

This is a great graph to use on the first day of school!  I always started the year with this graph.  I could introduce graphing and review with the students how they would be getting home at the end of the day.  This is always important on the first day of kindergarten.  With the help of kmpdoodles clipart I decided to give my favorite graph an updated look.  I hope you enjoy using the graph!

Along with the class graph icons I also created a student recording sheet.  This would be great to use on the second day.  You can review the graph and complete the recording sheet together!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Kissing Hand Packet

Each school year brings lots of different experiences.  However, in my classroom the school year always started the exact same way……..with the book The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  It is one of my favorite books! !

In the story a young raccoon, named Chester, is scared about starting school.  His Mother teaches him the secret of “The Kissing Hand” and he happily goes to school with love in his heart. 

I have created a packet to start the year with this wonderful book.  Most of the activities are whole group activities for the beginning of the year.  It is a great packet to use in conjunction with any other Kissing Hand materials you already may use in the classroom. 

Story Sequencing


Character Page

Kissing Hand Page

Sorting Feelings

This Kissing Hand Packet can be purchased in my TPT store.  Be sure to check out other FREEBIES in my store. 

Along with this packet I am including a FREEBIE!  This is a simple coloring page to go along with the book.  I hope you all can start your year off with this wonderful book!

For this packet I used clipart from kpmdoodles. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Classroom Volunteers

Classroom volunteers are SO important!!!  Teachers are full of ideas and it takes volunteers to make it happen!! 

At the beginning of the year it is important to get volunteers organized.  This packet has letters for the beginning of the year.  It also includes little notes to leave for volunteers as a thank you. 

I hope you find this packet helpful when you begin to think about organizing your classroom volunteers. 

Clipart from kpmdoodles.

Happy Summer!!