Saturday, February 18, 2012

Small Group Material Tubs

Keeping all your materials for small groups can be challenging. I am sharing how I kept all of my small group lesson material organized. Behind my small group kidney table I had this storage space. Each white tub would pull out. Inside each tub I kept materials needed for small groups.

I created labels for the front of each tub.  Using clear self-adhesive business card holders (find at any office store) I simply printed the labels on business cards and inserted the label.  Then I filled the tubs with all the materials and games that corresponded with the lesson/material topic.

When teaching small groups I could easily find the materials I needed for my lesson.  It also made it easy for planning my groups.  You can pull out the tubs and look for ideas quickly.  I was lucky to have such a cool storage unit in my classroom.  If you don’t have these it would be just as easy to recreate with tubs or a large plastic storage cart.

If you would like to use the labels to make your own small group materials tubs just click here.


  1. HI! Thank you for sharing your awesome storage ideas! i was just going to let you know the link to google docs isn't working. Love your blog!

  2. Great organization ideas! Makes it look so neat and clean.
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  3. Thanks for letting me know about the google doc Amy! Still learning. :) It should work now.

  4. No problem! Thank you again for sharing. I have been wanting to do this lately, but didn't know how I wanted to do it! Now I have an idea. :) Thanks again!

  5. Great storage and organization ideas. I think I may have to pin it for future reference.

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