Friday, February 24, 2012

Portable Classroom

I am no longer able to teacher full time but I do work 12 hours a week working with small groups of students in 1st, 3rd and 4th grade.  I really enjoy being able to still teach a little.  In this position I do not have a specific room so I need a portable classroom.  So I loaded up one of my caddies from kindergarten.  :)  Here is what I include in my portable classroom. 

In my caddy I have two boxes with pencils and pens.  The kids are ALWAYS in need of a pencil and it saves lots of time to have them handy for the kids to use. 

I also use this very cute Husker clip board to record notes during the day.  I took off the paper for the picture.  This was my favorite purchase from the fall craft fair this year. 

Next is my Angry Bird.  This was a gift my husband recieved at Christmas from his Mom.  He let me take it to school to use and it is the biggest hit!  I use it for all kinds of things.  When we ask questions we will throw him from one person to the next.  Really simple and easy.

My caddy would not be complete without my many "sweet spots."  I only took out a few.  One portion of my caddy just carries "sweet spots."  The dragon picture on the side is a picture a student made for me.  So, I taped it to the side of my caddy. 

Last I included the wonderful smelly markers that I use to check papers.  The kids love to pick their favorite smell.  Also, I have my antibactierial spray with me at all times.  :)

Sometimes it can be hard not having my own space but I have grown to really like moving around the school throughout the day.

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