Monday, February 20, 2012

Math Stations Tubs

Math Stations

In my classroom I had guided math and math station time.  During this time I would meet with small groups of kids for guided math groups.  The students that were not in the small group would work independently in math stations.  In my classroom I did not have the room to have my math stations out on tables.  So, I made portable math station tubs. 

Each tub contained the materials for the specific math station.  I stored all of my math station tubs in cubbies.  I printed labels for the front of each tub.  I also taped a matching label on the bottom of the cubby.  This made it easy for the students to put the stations back into the right location.  It also helped the students know where to find the math station each time. 
 I created these math station tub labels and I wanted to share them with you for FREE!  J  I used these same labels on my tubs and also for my station icons.

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